Make way for a Manly Christmas


Christmastime is here...

Christmastime is here. Charlie Brown and Linus did okay for themselves, and so will my guys. I hope.

It’ll be a ‘fend for yourself’ Christmas at my house.  My husband and two working sons will be on their own this year.

Sometimes our best memories come from unexpected situations. My stepdad needs a respite in looking after Mom, so I will be spending my entire Christmas Break in California. Taking the train, I am. Ha, in about two hours. Typing quickly…

I’m thinking that my men will have a grand time together. I unearthed the fake tree from the garage–no watering, no dropped needles–just the thing for guys. They have a stack of firewood and snacks and a large-screen TV–what more do men need? Every Christmas they humor my ‘chick-flicks’ and sentimental favorites. This year they can watch sports or play the Star Wars Battlefront video game to their hearts’ content.


Nathan in his ‘ugly Christmas sweater’

The “Trifecta of Fast Food” to the rescue!  (This is what they call their top three favorites.) Christmas Eve dinner could well be supplied by Panda Express, or Chipotle, or Carl’s Jr. Ha, or Costco. Men are resourceful, and nowadays one can buy pre-prepared anything, even mashed potatoes!

I bet they’ll wear their ugly Christmas sweaters as they sing Silent Night by candlelight at church. I will miss being together, but I’m looking forward to hearing their stories.

I should have a few stories of my own. Trains are always packed at this time of year, and that many humans in a confined space makes for interesting drama. Then too, it has been snowing continuously in the mountains. Interesting yes…

So I’ll be without Internet as I travel. But I’ll be around come Monday morning. There is plenty of writing work on the docket for me this Christmas.

Here’s to the blessing of unexpected Christmas plans. I hope the days before Christmas find you healthy, busy, and happy.


7 thoughts on “Make way for a Manly Christmas

    1. Laura Hile

      Hidden cameras would be instructive, yes. Although dishes in the kitchen sink tell their own tale, and so do chairs pulled up in front of the TV screen (for gaming).

      My mom is doing GREAT. Day by day she gains strength and use of her right side. A happy Christmas for all.


  1. Robin Helm

    Make that an O’Manly Christmas. Write about our favorite pirate while you’re gone – and have a wonderful visit with your mother.


  2. Susan Kaye

    Christmas is just odd this year. Nothing fits, no one is where they usually are. Maybe this portends the new year.

    Anyway, have a great time on the train. How you can endure being crammed in a metal tube pack with the finest humanity has to offer for 36 hours, I will never know.



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