I hereby resolve …

… to lose 25 pounds and write 1,000 words a day, five days a week. Simple, but oh so difficult to achieve.

Do you make resolutions for the coming new year? Have you ever been successful? Have you just given up? If you knew you would be successful, what would you resolve to do in 2016?


6 thoughts on “I hereby resolve …

  1. Laura Hile

    I have not given up, but I now realize that I’ve (again) retreated into “coping” mode. Necessary in the short run, but no way to live for 2016.

    After spending two weeks with my aging parents–vital, intelligent people who are now facing health limitations–I need to keep reminding myself that I am not yet 87. Ahead of me–God willing–lie at least twenty-five very productive years. Along with the health to accomplish meaningful career and financial goals. “If you knew you would be successful” you say…

    I’ve abandoned trying to lose the extra twenty pounds. I’m putting in miles of walking every day. That’s it for fitness.

    As for resolutions, I usually let myself off the hook by being intentionally vague. So this time, since you ask, I will step it up.

    I hereby resolve…

    … to produce two books in 2016. (Darcy By Any Other Name, which comes out in January, does not count.)

    One of those books will be blogged right here. Sir Walter’s Marrying Well for Fun and Profit, is one or two posts from being finished. Mary Musgrove’s Pride and Precedence will take shape during 2016. After that, we’ll have Lydia Bennet’s Tipsy Dance and Jollity. Yes, teen wisdom from a “Valley Girl” who was way ahead of her time.

    The other book will come into being, Sunday night by Sunday night, at Beyond Austen, beginning in the spring. (Having “live” readers helps spur me on and builds the fan base.) This time, ha, I am writing the ending chapter FIRST. I have two projects begging to be written. The “winner” will be the one with the best ending.

    Time to write is at a premium. However, I have 30 minutes every morning and the same after school, and I have those all-important Saturdays.

    I salute your determination, Sue. Day by day, page by page, your book will take shape and grow. You write well, and your fans will be delighted.

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  2. Susan Kaye Post author

    Maybe it’s early, but I’m not seeing many posts on any social media enumerating resolutions. Might this be ennui? Fear? Busy buying 2016 day planners? I’m not sure but this seems to be a trend.



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