God has been very good to us.

During the past couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking back over the events of 2015 and marveling at all the big things that happened in my life during one short year.

Forever Yours  cover cropped


I finished writing my Yours by Design series by publishing Forever Yours at the beginning of April.

With a wedding coming at the end of June, I lived my spring and summer in overdrive – trimming shrubbery, replacing old bedding around the plants, painting the front porch and porch furniture, thoroughly cleaning the back porch, repotting old plants and buying new ones, and attending three bridal showers. Mel and I also had to contact each vendor again to finalize the flowers, DJ, reception venue, catering, cake, musicians, technicians, and photography. We also met the photographer for her bridal portraits and sat down with the wedding director. We compiled guest lists and sent out save the dates and invitations which she designed online. There were centerpieces to make, a wedding dress to buy (five shops before we found THE ONE) and have altered, favors to order, a candy bar to stock, a wedding portrait to choose, a church to decorate, and a rehearsal to plan. Mel’s identity was stolen during that time, too, and that certainly spiked the stress level.



My elder daughter, who was expecting our second granddaughter, and our year-old granddaughter returned from Japan two weeks before the wedding, and we planned a short outing to the beach. Said outing was ditched when Mel’s dog, Chloe, ran away. God answered our prayers and we found her twelve hours later, with the help of a network of friends and folks we didn’t know. Mel and I picked up a multitude of chigger bites on our legs and feet while scouring the woods for her dog, but hers went away before the wedding, much thanks to our friend, Dr. Ed Sizemore.

Chloe 189.JPG

The wedding and reception were beautiful, though there was a high probability of heavy rain and thunderstorms. The wedding was held at our church, but the reception was outdoors at The Ivy Place. Again, we prayed. The rains held off until the last guest left the reception, and then the heavens opened. At the last minute, I had ordered a second tent. That was a good thing, because everything had to be cleaned up in that downpour. Had it not been for the help of Gayle and her daughter Bethany’s family, I might have sat in a puddle and cried.

Two weeks later, my pregnant elder daughter and granddaughter returned to Japan. You may remember the computer problems experienced by Wall Street and United Airlines last summer. They were caught in that, and it turned a thirty hour trip into a fifty hour trip. Somehow, she managed, just as she always does. Prayer, prayer, and more prayer.

Mandy & Charlie

Mel returned to live with us during August while her new husband went through football camp with the 49ers in California. She and I raced around to have her name changed everywhere and her car title transferred to her name. Government offices in August! Woohoo! At the end of August, we helped her pack her things, ship her car and clothes, and move to join him. There was much more involved, but it’s too long a story.

In September and October, I designed new covers for the three books in The Guardian Trilogy, and I updated the book files.

In November, our dog Toby ran away.  Again we prayed, and three weeks later, I received a phone call from a lady who had seen the ad in the paper. We were overjoyed to get him back.

Near the end of November, Mel’s husband was moved from the practice squad to the active roster of the 49ers – another answer to prayer.

Mandy, Charlie, Scarlett

We received our best gift and our biggest answer to prayer on December 8 when our elder daughter safely delivered our second beautiful granddaughter.

In the immortal words of Jane Austen’s Mrs. Bennet during the 1995 BBC miniseries of Pride and Prejudice, “God has been very good to us.”

Indeed, He has.


6 thoughts on “God has been very good to us.

  1. Laura Hile

    Your year has been packed, and yet you have continued to teach and to write–and to interact with us here on the blog. I would have run for the hills, but you soldiered on. A year well-lived.

    And before us lies another year. Not to be endured, but embraced and welcomed. Bring it on, right?

    Liked by 1 person


Why yes, we DO want a piece of your mind. ;-)

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