A Snow Day? It could happen!

Frigid temperatures greeted me when I stepped off the train yesterday, along with a forecast for snow. Wait, what? Snow? Sure enough, this morning the neighborhood was beautifully dusted with an inch of new snow. California sunshine for Christmas and a winter wonderland too? Score!

We decided to walk to church this morning, simply because we could!

We decided to walk to church this morning, simply because we could. Pictured is Michael.

Students pray fervently for Snow Days–and so do teachers! We get snow so rarely–and it’s usually the wet, sloppy kind that does not plow well. It’s not cost-effective for the city to maintain an army of snowplows, so the prudent thing is to clear the main roads and close schools. We teachers agree!

Snow Days are the best gift ever–a true holiday. Because there is nothing planned, not one thing! (We’re supposed to be at school!) So while students play outside in the white stuff, we teachers hunker down with a book or a favorite movie. Delightful!

“Mom, we’ve got it covered.” Speaking of holidays, here’s how my guys’ “Manly Christmas” went down. A photo of their shopping cart tells  the  tale. Do you see even one vegetable?


  • Two lasagnas
  • One apple pie
  • One pumpkin pie
  • One pecan pie
  • Whipped cream
  • Twelve (huge) muffins
  • Taquitos
  • Chimichangas
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Pre-made gravy
  • One spiral-cut ham
  • Hot chocolate and sparkling cider
  • Firewood
Photo: Jessica Lyons

Photo: Jessica Lyons

Christmas Eve found my men at church, but back home they reverted to Guy Mode. Instead of watching my sentimental Christmas favorite ( Shop Around The Corner), my sons chose … wait for it … Die Hard.  Since when did Die Hard become “the definitive holiday action classic”? Shaking my head…

At the moment we have sleet and freezing rain, as another storm system enters the Pacific Northwest. Will the cold be scoured out before tomorrow? Or will my Christmas Break be extended  because of snow and ice?

My sweet daughter-in-law cooked Christmas brunch for my guys

My sweet daughter-in-law cooked Christmas brunch for my guys: Michael, Nathan, Don, Ben, and Jessica

Ready or not, the first work week of 2016 is about to begin. Have a good one, friends!


10 thoughts on “A Snow Day? It could happen!

  1. Susan Kaye

    The debate rages on about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not. Having never seen it, I have no opinion.

    Bill had to work to make up for having New Year’s Eve off, (Scrooge is alive and unrepentant!), so I’ll be sitting up til 11 hoping you get your snow day.


  2. Laura Hile

    I haven’t seen Die Hard either. Apparently Jesus Christ is mentioned fairly often…

    Nathan, on his way out the door, offers this meme:

    I guess it’s a guy thing. Then too, I think they watched it just because they could.


  3. Gayle Mills

    Even knowing that you have to make snow days up, they are still longed for and coveted. Bring in more wood off the porch, make sure you have milk on hand (snow cream!), and prepare for power disruptions. Nothing seems to tarnish their shine.Surely if you’re fortunate enough to miss the very first school day of 2016, that portends continued good luck, right? Certainly hope so. Us? After all these balmy days of pre-Christmas, followed by a week of daily Noah-type deluges, tomorrow our little chill-uns will be waiting for buses in 30-degree weather. And that temperature is expected to be even lower Monday night. Bundle up, babies….

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  4. Susan Kaye

    Missing the first day of school in the new year is not unprecedented in our area. Several years ago it snowed like a big bear and then iced over. The first whole week of school was called. My kids were homeschooled but I gave in and called it too.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Susan Kaye

        That was ’08 from the way the weather guessers spoke this morning. I remember being without electricity for most of those days. Epic is the right word.


  5. Robin Helm

    I wore a T shirt on Christmas Day and ran the A/C, but it’s finally cold here now – 24 degrees. I have high hopes for a snow day before January is over!

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    1. Laura Hile

      The day after I wrote this article, we had a two-hour delay…but I “didn’t get the memo” on that one. I had the television on at 5:30 a.m., but the station I was watching never listed our area’s schools. Out the door I went at 6:30. An hour later another teacher came down the hall to tell me the news. I used the time to empty several drawers in a filing cabinet. Out to the recycling bin went a large box of papers.

      Like most teachers, I tend to hold on to too much.

      Will we have snow again this winter? Hard to say. I am hoping along with you, Robin, even though I am on the opposite side of the continent.



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