They didn’t like that wonderful voice?

Rickman-SenseAndSensibilityApparently the late Alan Rickman was once criticized for the quality of his speaking voice.

Wait, what?

That incredible, distinctive, wonderful voice? A voice that could be played like a musical instrument?

That’s what a friend of mine told me. So this morning I went looking for the NPR interview.

In Rickman’s words: “What did they say to me? ‘You sound – Alan, you sound as if your voice is coming out of the back end of a drain pipe’ was one review from my voice teacher.”

Okay, ouch. Big, fat career-ending, dream-killing ouch. Aren’t you glad Rickman didn’t take these words to heart? Or did he? Gad, all those years later he still remembered…

The December, 2007, NPR interview is only five minutes long. Give a listen. Then ask yourself if you have said similar things about your abilities.

NPR Interview with Alan Rickman


6 thoughts on “They didn’t like that wonderful voice?

  1. Susan Kaye

    I loved Rickman’s voice, but his slow speech made me nuts sometimes. I enjoyed him in Michael Collins–and endured Julia Roberts doing the W O R S T Irish accent E V E R–but Rickman’s Eamon de Valera took forever to say everything. Maybe it was some fallout from the criticism of his voice because it’s not the case in later roles.



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