The lure of Austen words…

Pride-Poetry-MagneticIsn’t this great? A gift from my writing pal Roslynn. Intriguing words. Jane Austen words, but in magnetic form.

You may recall that I live in a household of men. These tantalizing words would languish, alone, on our refrigerator door. Would anyone even notice them? Would anyone even care?

So of course I took the magnets to school. They took up residence on a file cabinet I’ve “repurposed” for my Drama Club costumes. During one of our breaks, I put them up quietly and without fanfare.

AustenWords-girlsSeveral of the girls came over almost at once and set to work making sentences. There were smiles everywhere, and oh, the laughter…

The boys took longer to approach the cabinet because, you know, Jane Austen isn’t a guy thing. Ah, but those words–and the sentences the girls cobbled together–were too tempting. One brave male began rearranging the words, and that broke the dyke. As you can see, these five gentlemen are having a wonderful time.


Every few days, a new sentence appears. And then, of course, a male rebuttal. Sparkling banter, if you will. Miss Austen would be pleased.

“…young bachelors…who… have money”? A girlish sentiment that Mrs. Bennet would certainly approve! The middle school guys, not so much.

If you’d like a set of your own, here’s a link to the Magnetic Poetry website.



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Why yes, we DO want a piece of your mind. ;-)

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