Wentworth Wednesday

Sir Walter sings his rendition of, “Hey, Hey, Good Lookin'”

Jane Started It!

Chapter 15 is the opening of Book Two of Persuasion, and in this chapter Jane Austen really comes into her element as an observational writer. And with Anne away from Frederick Wentworth, she uses her sharp eyes and wit to expose her family and those around them. If you haven’t read Persuasion in a while, just read the first five paragraphs of Chapter 15. They are great writing, and great storytelling. No wasted words. Austen takes the complicated situation of the Elliots and makes it clear and a little sad.

I’m thinking of calling this post as “Here’s Looking at You, Kid,” because the overarching theme of this chapter is good looks. Sir Walter has an opinion on everybody’s looks. The comments start with Colonel Wallis: “…a highly respectable man, perfectly the gentleman, (and not an ill-looking man,).”


There’s a nod to Elizabeth’s ever-present beauty: “Elizabeth was…

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