They won’t say it but I will

As you saw on the previous post, Laura Hile’s Darcy By Any Other Name is now available in the Kindle version right now. Go and buy it. When the paperback version is available, go buy that as well. I have no idea what the price of the print version will be, but I’ll bet, even when added to the $4.99 for the Kindle version, you will be down less than what you’d spend on a movie and lunch. (HInt, Jane Austen’s Lady Susan, directed by Whit Stillman, is said to be a worthy offering.)

Below is a photograph of a woman working in an airplane factory in WWII.


QA. Quality Control. That what writers do just before the hit “SEND.” A writer has the idea. We draw up the the blueprints, or plot. The parts, or characters are molded by us, and we assemble the lot of it to make a novel. And most of that is done alone. Except for the coffee/liquor/chocolate that many of us use to medicate our way through the manufacturing process.

In the same way that we salute the civilian women of WWII, salute your favorite writers by buying their books. A nice payday is a great reward for a story well-done. Review their books. Nothing says “I care” like helping other readers understand the greatness of your fave author. And most of all, enjoy their work. Writers may never see their readers, but we do get a kick out of knowing someone is going to get that sly little joke in Chapter 10.

Again, DARCY BY ANY OTHER NAME is available at Amazon. Buy it. You will not regret it.


6 thoughts on “They won’t say it but I will

  1. Laura Hile

    Thank you so much for the sincere and smiling endorsement for Darcy. It doesn’t get better than “Go and buy it. You won’t regret it.”

    Amazon looks with a jaundiced eye on authors reviewing other authors (most of the reviews I’ve written have disappeared). I won’t get into a rant about that–writers have endorsed one another since print first appeared on the page, for pity’s sake!

    Thank goodness for blog reviews. And for readers who spread the word about our books.

    I have been frankly astonished by the response to Darcy By Any Other Name. The “magical realism” element was a gamble, one I wasn’t sure the Austen community would embrace. But to see six (6) reviews appear less than 48 hours after the ebook was released?

    Gobsmacked, that’s how I feel. Utterly astounded.

    I am a lightning-fast reader, but still. That’s a lot of midnight oil a-burning.

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    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      I am planning a review on Amazon. I purposely saved some of my best lines for use in that review.

      We have both failed in marketing because we are lousy closers. But, I can put the bite on people for others without breaking a sweat. And will:


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  2. Robin Helm

    I’d like to add my endorsement as well. I’d also like to let you readers know that Laura’s print copy will be in the Kindle Match program. If you buy the print copy, you’ll get the Kindle e-book for free! Now, that’s a deal, folks!

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    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Kindle Match is a good program for readers. I still advocate buying both the Kindle and print book outright. For most, $5 is a cup of coffee somewhere. For others–and I’ve been there, believe me–it’s a home cooked meal for the family. Money is scarce for some of us, but look at it as paying it forward for writers you enjoy.

      I will guarantee you this will be THE most unique P&P FF novel you’ve read. It is not the typical witty, snarky Lizzie and Darcy with his walking stick up his sleeve waiting to play slap-and-tickle, hoping to shock the maids or old Lady C. There is humor and food for thought. Believe me, those can be a rare commodity in JAFF.


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