I know I have a problem

DriftingMoonWe aren’t even into the full-swing of summer. My granddaughter hasn’t put a hole in her wading pool that has to be patched yet, and alas, last week was the summer solstice.

The longest day this year was also a full moon, called a Strawberry or Algonquin moon. (This has to do with the beginning of strawberry picking season.) The Old Farmer’s Almanac has a great primer on the solstice if you wish to brush up.

As I watched the news stories on the day and how long it was, two things came to mind: 1. The days will now start getting shorter. I know, only a few seconds at-a-time, at first, but I know it’s still going on–like digestion–even if I can’t see it.

2. The really BIG news:





Everything is a two-edged sword.


One thought on “I know I have a problem

  1. Laura Hile

    By jove, you’re right!

    While wandering through Fred Meyer (a one-stop shopping type of store here in the Northwest), there they were in an endcap display. I stock up on composition books in the fall, but these were wide-rule so I gave them a pass. Now I know to keep my eyes open…

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Why yes, we DO want a piece of your mind. ;-)

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