Calling All Cats!

Moose, a captive promoter

“Really?  You woke me up for this?” says Moose

Part of the book-selling game is keeping that title in front of readers. But after a while the “Buy My Book!” thing becomes awkward and annoying. So I look for ways to circumvent that.

Ha, I shamelessly use cats. You know, for #CatsOfTwitter and #Caturday? What’s not to love about a furry purry? Besides, everybody knows that cats rule the Internet.

Domino's not sure about my "photoshop" skills

“Book? What book? I don’t see any book,” says Domino

If you have a cat, I have a book to pose him with. That’s what happened when I went to my friend’s house for breakfast yesterday. Her sweet Moose was drafted into the book selling biz, and so was his sidekick, Lyric.

If no cat is handy, I can always patch in a book later. Here I make use of poor Domino, my “grand cat.” He doesn’t look impressed with my questionable “photoshop” skills.

Twitter is all about what’s happening “right now,” so I’m able to try stuff. You know, just to see what works. I’m not sure Domino’s hypnotic powers are all that great…

Tongue-in-cheek attempt

What was I thinking? This one didn’t get any retweets.

Lyric gives his all.

“But-but I don’t even know how to read!” says Lyric. “I’m so little, and that book is so big.”


Even better than the cat photo is a Giveaway. In theory, I’ll have a nice series of posts to share, putting the cover image out there without begging for a sale. I must say, though, last week’s Amazon Giveaway kind of backfired. Within 19 hours all five ebooks were claimed!

Speaking of Giveaways, there one going on right now at Clean Indie Reads. If you’d like a chance to win a print book (signed by yours truly), jump in. The odds are much better than the Amazon one!  And who doesn’t love turning real pages? Here’s the link.

To enter, click on the photo and fill out the form. Easy!

To enter, click on the photo and fill out the form. Easy!

Oh, and tomorrow I have my first paid promotion ever, a spot on The Fussy Librarian‘s email list. It’s my attempt to “catapult” Darcy By Any Other Name beyond the Austen fiction genre and into the wide world–without using cats! (sorry)

Off you go, sir! There are plenty of eager readers waiting.

Laura Hile (1)


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