Sunday it will be fifteen years

Humans take particular notice to anniversaries that end in “0” or “5”. My next big wedding anniversary is my 40th in 2018. Until then I will notice the day, go out to dinner, but not really put a huge amount of thought into it all. But the big “4” “0”, watch out!

Sunday is the 15th anniversary of 911. Aside from family milestones, it is the only historical event my kids and I share in that, “I remember where and when” catagory. I do remember when and where. I still have the dress I was wearing when I heard the news. I am still shocked to see the Twin Towers when I watch movies or TV shows that includes a pre-911 NYC skyline. The opening of my favorite 80s show, “Mad About You,” (on disc) uses it a lot and I never fail to take a breath when the aerial view comes up. cropped-new_york_world_trade_center-800x480.jpg

The beauty of humanity rises when catastrophic events like this, or natural disasters, occur. And all too quickly humanity falls back into the pettiness of itself. The ripples of change are still felt from this event. I suppose they just joined the ripples of all the other events, big and small that went before.

Here’s the dress:



One thought on “Sunday it will be fifteen years

  1. Robin Helm

    Congratulations! We hit our 40th anniversary on July 31st. No big celebration. We exchanged cards. Ha! I did get him a Foreman grill.



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