I write like …


I put a section of writing containing FW’s pov, and a section of Anne’s pov into the window. So, I write FW like King and Anne like Christie.


Try it: I Write Like


6 thoughts on “I write like …

  1. Laura Hile

    Thanks for the fun link. Now that I’m home, I have several manuscript files available.

    Apparently my writing voice has an identity crisis!

    It seems that I write Darcy (Darcy By Any Other Name, the Pride and Prejudice body swap–a premise some see as tense and scary) like Stephen King. https://iwl.me/b/b3a26720

    But I write the swashbuckling Captain O’Manly (Anyone But A Pirate, a WIP) like Daniel DeFoe.

    The true shocker? I write Elizabeth Elliot (Mercy’s Embrace’s so-arrogant heroine) like James Joyce.

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    1. bronrob

      I entered a bit of Georgiana Darcy, Matchmaker, as well as part of my modern women’s fiction and both came back with Agatha Christie. Works for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Susan Kaye Post author

    I quit trying to sound like Austen somewhere around “A Brother is Born for Adversity.” And “Brother” is far more Austenesque than anything I write now. I think King comes up so frequently because modern writing is being hammered at to be spare and even terse.

    As for my “Anne” writing coming in under the Christie banner, HA! I’ve read one Christie novel,and watched several adaptations. I try to give her a more feminine voice. Which just means prosier.

    I suspect this bit of entertainment might not be scientific, eh?

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