Granddogs to Granddarlings

My life has been grand lately. Since my husband is gone overseas, I have been entrusted with the care of Toby, our eleven-year-old Yorkie Poo, and Chloe, our four-year-old Maltese.


Chloe searches for treasure in my grandmother’s butter churn.

I have come to the conclusion that dogs are very much like babies. They get me up at odd hours of the night to be let out. They are picky eaters. They snuggle closely against me in bed until I feel as if I’m being nudged by a heater.



In short, it’s lovely to have the company of two sweeties who love me, but it costs me something to have them.

Friends and love require attention and cultivation.

I’ll remember that when I finally get to see my granddarlings (Charlie and Scarlett) one day.



Why yes, we DO want a piece of your mind. ;-)

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