Hell Month

nano_logo-830912ef5e38104709bcc38f44d20a0dIf you are a writer, you probably know that November is National Novel Writing Month, or affectionately called, NaNoWriMo. Object of the game: Start a novel, 50k words in 30 days, which works out to 1,667 words a day. The principle is simple. The execution is mind-numbingly difficult. As are most battles with yourself.

I am not particularly competitive when it comes to things like this. No one will be harmed if I roll over tomorrow and don’t show up at the page. But there comes a point at which you have to at least try. (Yeah, I know, the whole Yoda, there is no try only do thing. I’m a Star Trek fan. Worse yet, I like Babylon 5!!!)

So, another November, another self-inducted bout of heartbreak. I will be looking to fellow writer, Laura Hile for encouragement. Though, to be fair, she’s now deep enough into the school year that she’s struggling to function once she makes it home after work. wanatribelowrezcopyAnother source of verve I’m looking towards is Kristen Lamb’s W.A.N.A.Tribe. There is a group specifically for NaNo, ’16. Several writers meet in the wee hours of the morning to write and be accountable. I’m there right now, not writing for NaNo but writing this blog post. (And regardless of the NaNo rules, I am counting this post for my daily word count!)

team-hwc-2016That rebellious streak of mine is also why I am writing with Team Holly, part of the writing site of Holly Lisle. Holly encourages you to write and if you have to bend, or break, the rules by working on something already started, or editing something in process, fine by her. And me, obviously. I’m starting something new but I’m betting I drag in loose bits and bobs from projects past.

I’ll be letting you know how I do through the month. The idea that Thanksgiving is coming keeps me going.

Into the breech!



2 thoughts on “Hell Month

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Remember “The Rules”? A book published in the 80s, on dating the old fashioned way? My Rules are simple: you show up, you put new words on the page, you get to play. You may not win but you at least keep busy and off the streets.

      Thanks for the encouragement, Sophia Rose.

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