If cats ran the world? Yikes.

Domino's regal side

Domino, looking regal. Actually, he is basking in a desk lamp’s warmth.

Here in the States election day is almost upon us.

“If cats ruled the nation like we rule the Internet, there would soon be a blessed change,” says Domino.

Well…I wonder. Have cats been running our campaign season?

It sure looks like it. We’ve had hissing and yowling on every hand!

And tomorrow we vote, many of us choosing a candidate whom we do not fully support.

Voting is a precious privilege, and we dare not abstain.

Even if we feel like the cats in the video below, passing a dish.

Is the milk sour? It sure looks like it. “Gimme that!” turns into “No, you drink it.”

I smile to see those cats, but the reality is that as citizens, we’re all in this together. Even when we hiss and yowl. And are given sour milk to deal with.

I am praying for a peaceful day tomorrow, as emotions are high. God bless America.

Laura Hile (1)


7 thoughts on “If cats ran the world? Yikes.

  1. Susan Kaye

    I can’t wait for it to be all over. And Laura can tell you that I am a true wonk. Not anymore. Not for the next 72 hours anyway. This election season has been a lot like the Schick Shadel alcohol and drug therapy. It used to be aversion therapy, which means you wind up vomiting when exposed to the substance.

    That’s me.

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        1. Laura Hile

          After giving up our cable TV subscription–and our broadcast reception for NBC and CBS is fickle–my sons have had us watching “Internet radio” vlogs during the campaign. (Several of their favorites are Libertarian.) So the news feed we’ve been seeing from “alternate” sources has been at odds with what was shown via mainstream media. There was a groundswell of discontent that many did not see coming.

          That being said, I do wish people would quit with the name calling and ranting. We Americans are in this together. We are neighbors, fellow citizens, friends. I’ve been giving Facebook a wide berth. Sigh.

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Why yes, we DO want a piece of your mind. ;-)

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