The day I wore Pajama Pants to Walmart

Thanks to Marianne Hawthorne for this fun meme

Thanks to Marianne Hawthorne for the meme. Click the image to see her Pinterest collection.

When snow and freezing rain hit the Pacific Northwest, we kind of lose our minds.

Hunker down!
The end is near!

Okay, so we’re not quite that bad. Thing is, we get snow every two to three years in this part of Oregon. It really throws us for a loop.

I ought to add that we do not salt our roads. That’s right; we’re the only state that doesn’t. And I recently learned that the de-icing chemicals we use are not effective when temperatures drop below 28 degrees. Brilliant.

No salt, no plow, no problem. I live on the corner.

No salt, no snow plow? No … uh … problem.

We are all kinds of crazy, yeah.

Which brings me to Walmart, early Saturday morning, just as a snowstorm hit.  The day I wore my jammie pants to go shopping. I did.

The’re black, and they used to be workout pants, but the thing is, I slept in them the night before. I threw on my long down coat (also black), a somewhat-fashionable scarf, and shoes. I was good to go.

walmart-pajamaSo now I am one of the “People of Walmart.” Even though ours is the neighborhood grocery store kind. And everyone there, though harried by the falling snow, was fully dressed. Below-freezing temperatures are helpful that way.

Darcy-By-Any-Other-Name-blogsz-2In other news, a sale and an e-book giveaway.  Tomorrow check out Anna’s review at Diary of an Eccentric and enter to win the Kindle edition of Darcy By Any Other Name. Even if you own this book, you should enter. If you win, I’ll gladly send the prize to one of your friends.

To celebrate, I’ve reduced the Kindle price by $1.00. Because ice and snow season is reading season, right? So let’s get down to business.

Laura Hile (1)


7 thoughts on “The day I wore Pajama Pants to Walmart

  1. Susan Kaye

    I’m not sure this counts and puts you in the People of Walmart category. If these used to be workout pants, though you slept in them, they were created as “outside” pants. They were meant to be seen by the public. Even if only the sweaty public. They also were black. That’s fashion camouflage and probably allows people to get by with far more egregious sins that this one.

    Now, if you had worn neon terry cloth slippers or a pair of fusty brown corduroy, with the heels broken down, I’d say you were definitely Walmart People. As it is, I think your good name in the community is still safe.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Laura Hile

      If I’d worn a short jacket — one that exposed the dimpled expanse of thighs and hiney — I’d be part of the Walmart sisterhood for sure. Bonus points when the thin workout pants (leggings) are flesh-colored.



  2. Robin Helm

    Had you taken a shower and styled your hair? If not, you qualify for “People of WalMart.” I’m an authority on the subject. Larry and I make our official old people visit to WalMart together every Saturday.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laura Hile

      No shower, no makeup. I don’t think I so much as ran the brush through my hair. To be fair, it’s cut in a studied-messy style right now. And I wore a black beret, not fashionably perched on my head but pulled well down over my ears. How’s that? 🙂


  3. Annette C Wristen

    I have only recently taken to wearing my pajama pants almost everywhere. Except Walmart. Too far away. However, I have dressed in a manner that made people look twice to shop at a grocery store, hardware store, and to get gas. I am not ashamed to wear my 10th century Norse garb while shopping for feast food. I never realized how utterly comfortable a plain linen tunic is. I do leave the axes and knives back at my campsite. Don’t think modern sensibilities could handle that.

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