We Don’t Usually …

do winter like this:


To those of you who live in places where snow it a fact-of-life, I apologize if I sound whiny. I’m not. I grew up in North Idaho where feet of snow is the norm. Here in western Oregon. we have snow every few years. But it melts quickly and we return to rain. Not so this year. I’ve had snow for over two weeks now. It’s snowing heavily now.

A rare treat.

I don’t appreciate it.

Fingers crossed that my husband’s boss cancels his shift.

Shameless self promotion: I just got a comment from Robin Helm that I should use a raging snowstorm as a plot device. Well, I have. I’m currently writing my way through THE WENTWORTH GUIDE TO ROMANCE AND TRAVEL on Beyond Austen.  (BA is a members-only site, but registration is simple and no SPAM, ever.) There’s snow, longing looks across the room, snow, a carriage accident, snow, and a bit of a growing mystery about Mr Elliot’s late wife. If you’re snowed in like me, please give it a try.



5 thoughts on “We Don’t Usually …

  1. Robin Helm

    Sue, use this as a plot bunny. There’s a freaky snow at Netherfield or Pemberley, and the entire party is snowed in. Could be really good. Or make it a Persuasion story with them being snowed in.

    Stay warm and safe!

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    1. Laura Hile

      Being snowed in is such a helpful plot device — I used it in Darcy By Any Other Name. I suspect it’s better loved by writers like me who live in snow-as-a-novelty zones. We tend to forget that after days of forced togetherness, “cabin fever” sets in, putting the tender stirrings of romance to the test.

      We are all housebound here. My sons took a midnight trek in the snow, for photos and just because they could. They then stayed up until 4:00 a.m. playing a board game (7 Wonders). So they’ll be sleeping for a while.

      I am doing a read-through of Robin’s Understanding Elizabeth. Exciting times!

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