Eclipse Sisters? That’s us.

Today we have a sunrise–a real one–after a week of soaking rain. And oh, the difference sunshine makes for the Pacific Northwest. Spring at last!

And spring brings hope for summer.

Tell you what, this summer I’m looking forward to the Great American Eclipse. August 21st has been on my calendar for a while, although it doesn’t need to be. If our skies are cloud-free that morning, we won’t be able to miss what happens.

Map courtesy of

It’s also cool for us here at Jane Started It because of its path. The total eclipse lies just south of Susan Kaye and me here in Oregon. It also lies just south of Robin Helm and Gayle Mills in South Carolina.

We met on-line, we share a blog. And now we will share the path of the sun’s shadow.

All of North America will be able to see at least a partial solar eclipse, according to the Great American Eclipse website. Do have a look around. There’s fascinating stuff there.

How about you? Are you in the path of the eclipse?

Laura Hile (1)


5 thoughts on “Eclipse Sisters? That’s us.

    1. Laura Hile Post author

      One of those articles points out that the eclipse will be within a day’s drive of most of our population. That’s kind of neat.

      I’m not planning to travel south–the traffic will be impossible. (Supposedly, hotels and campsites have been booked a year in advance!) I’m good with an “almost total eclipse.” Exciting times.

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  1. Susan Kaye

    I think I’ll stay home and see what I can see from here. That time of year, traffic to the coast is nightmarish and heading in another direction will just be a roll of dice when it comes to survival. We can all toast one another as we enter the dark-ish.

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    1. Laura Hile Post author

      Isn’t this great? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked closely at the map. Not that I know much of anything about South Carolina, but I can locate it on a map…



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