Death, where is your victory?

The Resurrection of Christ by Rembrandt (Matthew 28:2)

“He is risen.”
“He is risen indeed.”

This ancient greeting, passed from one follower of Jesus to another on Easter morning, says it all. Death is a defeated foe. God’s word is trustworthy. His promises are true. And as believers in Jesus, we have a future and a hope.

Here at Jane Started It, this Easter brings a personal reminder of victory over death.

Since July, it has been our privilege to pray for our own Gayle Mills, as she underwent treatment for colon cancer.

The prognosis was chilling, truly. And yet God was with Gayle every step of the way. Along with her family, friends, and coworkers, we prayed, and our Gayle bravely walked through the dark days of chemo and radiation.

Bit by bit, the cancer was beaten back. In March, Gayle felt well enough to return to teaching, retreating to her cot during prep periods. And at the beginning of this month,  Gayle makes this announcement:

I am officially in remission and cancer free. God has been so good to me. Thanks for every prayer you’ve offered on my behalf. Thanks for your encouragement and support.

Needless to say, we are rejoicing over what God has done for Gayle and her family.

Thank you, sincerely, for your prayers on her behalf. May your Easter be a blessed one.


9 thoughts on “Death, where is your victory?

  1. G

    Thank you so much for your prayer support during this very trying time. I rested in God’s hands, knowing my family and friends were undergirding the healing process with prayer and supplication. Facing the cancer monster is life-altering; no doubt about it. I knew that God could heal me, but I didn’t know if He would heal me. All the days after the diagnosis become A.C. (After Cancer) days. I am very grateful for each one of them. And I am grateful for each one of you. Blessings.

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    1. Laura Hile

      I think they call us Cancer Cousins. 🙂

      There is life After Cancer indeed. God has a reason for keeping you (and me too — April 25, 2015 was the day I ended up as the most critical patient in ICU) alive. And so you and I walk into the future with a swing in our step, knowing that the *best* work of our lives is very likely before, not behind, us.

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      1. G

        I really like that perspective, Laura. You are absolutely right. Cancer has a way of drawing in your life around you. Your focus becomes very narrow. Swallowing and breathing become objectives, not at all automatic. Even so, we survived this, and there is a reason in this, too. I think we become living evidence to those who are suffering from this disease that there is hope of a happy day beyong the pain. We are blessed, Laura.

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          1. Robin Helm

            I look forward to having that time span in the rear-view mirror. I’m not good at handling such terrible illness in my family and friends. I just shut down. Let’s let Easter be the Resurrection Sunday for all of us. It’s time to live again.

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