We Beat the Nekkid Guy!

Did that sound weird?

20171114_001731_resizedI was so excited to see this that I immediately took a picture. You see, I’m well aware that our Christmas anthology can be #1 in one hour and #2 in the next. In fact, that’s happened several times since we (Laura Hile, Barbara Cornthwaite, Wendi Sotis, and I) hit #1 Best Seller status (in our category) on Amazon.

I wanted to have that picture to live the moment over and over. I even reverted to my cheerleader days, chanting, “We’re number one! We’re number one!” I nearly tripped over my office and broke another ankle. Ha! It wasn’t pretty.

Now, about that nekkid guy – we didn’t literally beat a nekkid guy, so you can relax now. We don’t plan to take the journey into that particular genre. Ever.


Do you see that third book in the row? That’s a $.99 nekkid guy cover which promises a certain kind of book. Clean books that cost $3.99 rarely beat such an animal. A book just like that one kept my last solo publication, Understanding Elizabeth, from ever reaching #1. I can’t even say the name of that book in polite company. Not in impolite company, either.

The book in the middle is a $.99 anthology. It’s rare to outsell anything which is $.99. That’s another cause for rejoicing.

The middle book and A Very Austen Christmas switch places every time either one of us sells a book or two. I’m okay with that. It’s a mostly clean read with a non-nekkid-guy cover.

At least we’re remaining the #1 new release.

This is a book that friendship built. It was a labor of love and support between friends who’ve never met. I think the four of us should get together soon. What do you think? Should we meet in Oregon (Laura), New York (Wendi), South Carolina (me), or Ireland (Barbara)? Just a hint concerning my vote: my heritage is English/Scots/Irish.


8 thoughts on “We Beat the Nekkid Guy!

    1. Robin Helm Post author

      Ireland! Ireland! I knew we had something more in common than writing books, Joy. My mother’s maiden name was Griffin. My elder daughter named our grandson Griffin in honor of our heritage.

      I know you’re happy for us. You have always been gracious and kind. Thank you so much!

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    1. Robin Helm Post author

      Yes, we did, and Mr. Abs and Pecks needs to move to the correct category. A series is NOT an anthology. However, I suppose we’ll just have to bear (or bare) looking at him for now.

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  1. Susan Kaye

    Naked people have limited appeal. Even the salacious Darcy books rise to number one pretty quickly but then wilt nearly as fast. Congratulations, ladies, you deserve the spotlight.

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      1. Robin Helm Post author

        No matter where we end up in rankings, I have enjoyed writing and publishing this project with you, Laura, as well as Wendi and Barbara. It truly is an anthology born of friendship.


    1. Robin Helm Post author

      Nekkid guy is #1 this morning. Like I said, $.99 NG covers sell. The author is highly ranked on Amazon. She churns these books out quickly. You’re right that it won’t stay #1 forever, but it will stay there long enough.

      I looked up the NG book that kept Understanding Elizabeth from ever reaching #1. That book is now #250 in the category with 280 reviews, while Understanding Elizabeth is #27. Clean is more enduring.

      NG books are at the top for only a month or two, but it’s long enough to rain on a clean book’s parade.



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