End-of-year Pricing

Wintry weather, a bright fireside, and good reading!

Titles by your friends at Jane Started It

What could be better?

For your quiet holiday moments, may we suggest these lovely books? Many are at holiday prices through the end of the year.

  • Books by our friend, Wendi Sotis

    And in 2018, there will be new books coming your way. Oh boy! 

    UPDATE: Don’t miss our A Very Austen Christmas Sale!

  • Happy Reading!


    Regency image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy


3 thoughts on “End-of-year Pricing

  1. Robin Helm

    Our readers should be sure to look Sunday and Monday for a special New Year’s celebration price of A Very Austen Christmas! Two days only!


      1. Laura Hile

        I love it, a little “mistake” so that we would be ahead of the Amazon curve, turns out to be a move in everyone’s favor.

        I do the same when grading exams. If I make an error in the student’s favor, I let him or her keep the better grade. This three-day promotion is a win-win. I hope many readers take advantage of it. Because they won’t see another price reduction until “Christmas in July.”



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