Caught by the Internet Quiz …

I am supposed to be writing, or doing laundry, or cleaning …

Instead here I am, caught by an Internet quiz.

How many of us have been derailed from truly important tasks — like loading the dishwasher or sweeping the floor — by an enticing headline? Such as …

Which Jane Austen Suitor Should You Date?

As a married woman, I should keep scrolling.

But that question …ย 

… Mr. Knightley? Oh, yay!ย As written by our Barbara Cornthwaite, the man is an absolute delight.

And wouldn’t you know it? Now I’m tempted to pull out Charity Envieth Not and start reading.

Go ahead, go get your man, m’dear. Take the quiz



9 thoughts on “Caught by the Internet Quiz …

          1. Susan Kaye

            But actually, Edward may be Jane’s only decent clergyman. Shepherd tells of meeting with Edward Wentworth to resolve a problem with a neighbor. Broken fence, stolen apples. Shepherd recommends the sheriff. Wentworth resorts to actual conversation and resolution!! That seems to me to be the only act of an Austen clergyman that is sensible.


  1. Robin Helm

    I took the quiz yesterday, and I got Mr. Knightley. No surprise, since I married him. I envision the Mark Strong Mr. Knightley. He’s more like Larry than the Jonny Miller version, though I like Mr. Miller well enough.

    I vote for Dan Stevens representation of Edward Ferrars as Austen’s best clergyman.

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  2. Sue Barr

    Took the quiz instead of writing…. and I got Mr. Darcy, which makes sense as in a different quiz I was told I was most like Elizabeth Bennet. This quiz said I like my men quiet, and tall, dark and handsome. This sums up my own personal Mr. Darcy quite well, thank you very much – except for the tall part. He’s taller than me (thank goodness), but not our sons. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Laura Hile

      These quizzes! What’s the deal? I have myself snookered into thinking that quizzes expand my creative mind, or help with ideas, or something!

      As for Austen heroines, I’d dearly love to be like Elizabeth. Alas, I fear I resemble whiney Mary Musgrove.

      And there’s nothing better than having a real-life Austen hero, Sue. Quiet, dark, and handsome counts for a lot, even if he isn’t loaded with cash. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Here’s to getting our writing projects back on track!

      Oh, look. Another quiz …

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