Mercy’s Embrace print proofs are here!

Get ’em while they’re hot. Or when they’re released anyway! Congratulations, Laura Hile.

Laura Hile

Which one is your favorite?

So very beautiful, aren’t they?

The eBook editions have been out since December-January, but being able to hold the print editions makes them more real, somehow.

My very own books to hug!

Seriously, I carried these with me, even to school — even to my bedside table at night — for the first few days they were here.

Anyway, I’m hoping to pull the trigger for their release over the weekend. I’ll give a shoutout when they’re available.

People wonder why the three Mercy’s books can’t be published as one volume. Darcy is huge enough — and it’s smaller!

I love my job and my students, but yeah. Teaching teens is emotionally wearing … and when I’m worn out, I don’t do well with detail work.

Proofing books is all about detail work!

Oh! I’m giving away one Darcy By Any Other Name, Kindle…

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