Tip My Hand Tuesday

I’m editing today. “No One Cared to Notice” is a short story that interrupted things with In Favor of His Constancy. It may be the story I place in an anthology, or I may just put it up at Beyond Austen. There is no telling these day.


Not the smile he was expecting! Photo: Daniel Johnson (Creative Commons Flickr)

To add insult to serious injury, my mouse is dying. (I know this is not a mouse. But, the internet is taking it’s time getting a pic from my phone to my email so I have to improvise.) I use a laptop and despise the touch pad so I have a wireless mouse as my writing companion. But, Purp is dying a slow and frustrating death. When mice die, they refuse to perform properly. So, highlighting is impossible, pointing is whimsical, and clicking is nearly out of the question. Another mouse is coming from Amazon but won’t be here until Thursday. I’ve got a couple of says to figure out how to dispose of the body and then I will have to learn to use the new on. It has buttons and such that control CPI and DPI. I don’t know or care as long as I can point and click without all the drama.

I’ve saved the best for last on this bright May Tuesday. My daughter’s mother-in-law has suffered from COPD for years. Last Wednesday she was taken to the hospital with a serious viral infection. It was serious enough that all the proper papers were signed and the conclusion was that she was not coming home. I mean in the people-flying-in to say good bye way.

She came home yesterday.fireworks-light-japan-festival-66277.jpeg

I am grateful to live now when medications are wondrous things. But I also know this woman is stubborn as HELL. To the point of emotional damage in some cases. But in this case, Welcome Home, Sue.*

MY lesson in this is not to roll over and die when things look bad. Literally.

*There are a lot of weird coincidences between my daughter’s MIL and myself. Too many for me to be comfortable with.


4 thoughts on “Tip My Hand Tuesday

  1. Laura Hile

    Good for your daughter’s mother-in-law for fighting back. When it comes to survival, “stubborn” can be a good thing. I’m glad she was well enough to come home.

    And that you are stubborn enough to persevere with your writing.


  2. Robin Helm

    I rejoice with you that your daughter’s MIL came home, and I’m very happy that you’re writing. The world doesn’t have enough good books to satisfy all the discerning readers. I’m looking forward to reading your next work.

    That picture looks a great deal like a ‘possum. That’s an opossum to most of the population. I suppose an opossum is just a big, mean rat, though. Fierce.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Yeah, I just nicked the pic of the opossum. I think Laura’s son, Nathan, encountered this fella at some point. Your using the word “fierce” reminds me of Sue, the-one-who-was-supposed-to-die. Fierce is precisely the word for her.

      As for writing, onward. Today was a very good day with 2805 words. Now I can relax for a while. Thanks for commenting, Robin.

      Liked by 1 person


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