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A Little Something after all these years…


Dy Brougham Searches for Lt.Richard Fitzwilliam
Pamela Aidan

(1815, 2 years or so after Darcy & Elizabeth are wed)

The wagon jolted and shivered over the shell pocked roads until Dy’s teeth ached and his fingers cramped in their grip on its splintery sides. Rain continued to fall in unrepentant bursts that were soaking through his oiled cape. His hat was most likely a loss, even for its protective coverings, and the cold crept into the reaches of muscle and bone, both thoroughly wracked by the paths he had been required to travel to get to the farm house in which Darcy’s cousin was said to have been deposited before Uxbridge moved out.

“Il ya la ferme de Emille. Nous sommes presque hors de la pluie damnés,” his driver tossed over his shoulder. (There is Emille’s farm. We’re almost out of the damned rain.”) Continue reading


An Assembly Such as This gains a little oh là là !

Une Telle Assemblée
A novel by any other name reads as sweet!

Une Telle Assemblée

Une Telle Assemblée

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the 10th anniversary of Pamela Aidan’s first book in the beloved  Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman trilogy than the publishing of it in French, the “language of love?”

Yes, it’s been ten years since the original self-published edition of An Assembly Such as This hit the world in book form.

Originating as a bi-weekly posting at the popular Republic of Pemberley and The Derbyshire Writers websites in the late 1990s, Pamela’s work then became available through her website, Austenesque, and later, in late 2003, as a self-published work through her own Wytherngate Press, Inc.

The Austen world exploded with enthusiasm! Soon the trilogy was acquired by Simon & Schuster.

Aidan’s trilogy as been set to audio ( and translated into Italian and Spanish. The French translation was accomplished just this past year. Book Two, En vain ai-je lutté, arrived in time for Christmas, and Book Three, Un mot de vous, is scheduled for this spring 2014.

Pamela’s working on a new “Austenesque” series that promises more Darcy & Elizabeth but even more Dy Brougham and Georgiana Darcy, as well as a new and darker take on Col. Fitzwilliam.

Keep up with her here at Jane Started It or her own blog, Traipsing After Jane.

Her trilogy & novella, as well as the anthology Jane Austen Made Me Do It in which her short story appears, are carried by and Her novella, Young Master Darcy: A Lesson in Honor is also available through Wytherngate Press.

And if you should want the French version, print or ebook, try Amazon France!

You look mahvelous, Pamela!

Darcy & Elizabeth in the carriage In case you haven’t seen our own Pamela Aiden’s part in the BBC Austen interview in honor of the two hundredth anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice, here is a link.

Congratulations, Pamela, on such a well-deserved and well-done interview!

How ya gonna keep her down on the farm now that she’s been on the BBC?

Life sure does funny things…funny, as in Wow! Who’d have thought THAT would happen?

An email from a BBC correspondent (David Sillito, you can even look him up on google or facebook!) showed up in my box requesting  some video of me talking about Pride & Prejudice ( now 200 years in publication) and how it has impacted my life both personally and as a writer. I sent him 5 minutes worth, which will likely be whittled down to 20 seconds if I’m lucky enough that it is used at all. But really, who’d have thought?  Certainly not me while writing An Assembly Such as This at my computer at 5 AM in a cold, dark basement every morning before going to work, hands wrapped around a hot cup of tea as I read back my latest paragraph.

What has Pride & Prejudice meant to me, he wanted to know. It transformed my life! It turned it completely around and sent me in a direction I never would have dared to dream and brought me more joy than I deserve.

And a great deal of that is due to you, my readers.  Thank you from the depths of my heart!


PS I’ll put up a link to the show and to my entire video clip after the BBC broadcast

Double Winners

Meredith Esparza of Austenesque Reviews just published her list of awards for 2012, and the works of two of our Crown Hill Writers’ Guild authors were among eleven award winners chosen from the fifty-six books on her list!Cornwaithe

Barbara Cornthwaite won Favorite Austenesque Retelling/Alternate Point of View for George Knightley, Esquire: Lend Me Leave, Book Two, and Robin Helm won Favorite Pride and Prejudice Variation/Alternate Path for Guardian, Book One of The Guardian Trilogy.Helm

Congratulations to Barbara and Robin for receiving this wonderful honor! What a great way to kick off 2013.

Readin’ and Writin’ at the Festival

If you can get to the Decatur Book Festival Robin, Gayle and I would love to meet you! We’ll be in the JASNA tents, #101-103.

Reading from my books: Saturday at 2:45/Sunday between 1:45 –  2. Writing my name in books and talking Austen: Saturday 11:15 – 12:30, 3:00 – 5:20/
Sunday 12 – 1, 2 – 4

Robin will be reading both from her books and from Laura’s : Saturday 11-11:15/Sunday 3:30 – 3:45. She’ll be autographing on Saturday 12:30 – 1:45, 3 – 5:20/Sunday 120-01, 2 – 5.