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Give a Lady a Break


I prefer showers, but evidently today is Read-in-the-Bathtub Day. (Sheesh) In honor of the day, Laura Hile is offering her book, Marrying Well for Fun and Profit for FREE. This book is all the wit and wisdom of Sir Walter Elliot collated one handy reference guide. If you’ve ever hesitated when confronted with a challenging social, ethical, or moral dilemma, let Sir Walter help you out!


Now, you can download this book for free today–links in the post and graphic–but I would adjure you to wait until Sunday when it goes back up to the budget blistering price of $.99. Why would I encourage you to spend when you can save? Because, I’m a nag. I am also passionate that a writer’s time is worth something. Even the paltry amount that a 99 cent books brings in.

I’m betting that in the last week you have blown a buck on something caffeinated, fizzy, sugary  or savory. You’ve lost more pocket change than that recently.

The point is, laughter is a great medicine and you can get this without having that walloping co-pay to worry over.

Pry open your coin purse, let the moths fly free, and spend some money so Laura Hile, can make a living and keep writing YOU great stories.



Never Mind the Manoeuvres

For manipulation to be most effective, evidence of its presence should be nonexistent… It is essential, therefore, that people who are manipulated believe in the neutrality of their key social institutions.    Herbert Schiller

Elliot_concertMan-ip-u-lation is the by-word for my writing today. I’m starting to add William Elliot to various scenes in Captain Wentworth’s Guide to Romance and Travel*, and above all things, he is a master manipulator.

The above quote is also good for me personally. Last week I was manipulated by an acquaintance and didn’t realize it until a few days later. The only reason I did, was because,  the evidence of the manipulation was all over the conversation. It’s too bad that I’m the perfect mark, a person who trusts and isn’t looking to be conned. Especially by people I know.

What’s funny is I have a lot of manipulative people in my life. My mom is a master. She’s even told me how she does it most of the time. I look back on my life and see instances in which I was “handled.”  I suppose a better term for it would be what Austen used: worked on.

This is probably why I like the quote by Lord Admiral Nelson: “Never mind the manoeuvres, go straight at them.”  Though, he wound up being killed in battle and brought home in a cask of brandy. I doubt I will suffer the same fate.

Do you see it coming? Or are you more savvy than I?

Anyway, today is a work day. Manipulative Mr Elliot is going in to do his magic. Will Anne see his emotional slight-of-hand, or will she succumb?

*Click HERE for the new posting of Captain Wentworth’s Guide to Romance and Travel up at SusanKayeWriter.

“We’re gonna go through it together … “

” … through thick and through thin, all out or all in, we’re gonna go through it together.”*

I don’t doodle with pen and paper anymore. I have gone digital. The photo below is my latest:


It’s a representation of how things would have been if Laura Hile hadn’t come back from the edge. I’ve known her longer than I care to tell, (but it’s measured in decades), and the hole in my life would have been significant. And as the graphic shows, it would have left a jagged tear where a friend used to be.

Memorial Day is coming and while it is a day set aside to remember those who have died in war, thinking of death is never limited to one group or category. So, do you have a jagged placed left by an untimely leaving? If you care to share, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


*From the song, Together, Wherever We Go, by Stephen Sondheim, from the play Gypsy (Lyrics here)

Throwback Thursday

A little something from the back of a drawer I’m cleaning out:

MICHAEL_WILL_BEACH_medThis is a picture of my son and Laura’s son building a sandcastle at Cannon Beach, OR. The year is up for grabs.





And now, for the really scary pic:



This is from the summer of 2000. From left to right, Pamela Aidan, Laura Hile, and Susan Kaye. No, I’m not drunk, I just photograph that way.

We were having lunch at a tea room beneath an antiques store in North Carolina.
The place was packed, the food was good, and it was hotter than Hades.


The Prayer of a Young Girl

Katherine_HeiglSorry I’m late posting. Real life reared it’s ugly head. Speaking of real life, I saw an article about Katherine Heigl who as a young teen she prayed that God would give her big boobs.

Now, to me, big boobs are usually high-ranking, elected officials but for our purposes I’ll go with Ms. Heigl’s.

After many cease their laughing at such nonsense, secure in the knowledge that there is no God, and that even if there is, there are far more pressing issues. While it’s true this old world groans under the weight of human events, my belief is that He’s infinite and may do as He chooses in individual cases.

I’ve never personally prayed for such enhancements. When I was young, I was all about the “thigh gap.” I  actually had one back then. I don’t anymore so it’s probably a good thing I was young in the 70s and not now. I have heard that the thigh gap was a thing last year, but not this year. It figures that I am once again behind the fashion curve.

Anyway, I thought how this confession would probably touch a lot of young women. I’m sure even young, flat-chested atheists have hoped a deity would hear and answer their prayers. After all, if suddenly things did shift a bit, they wouldn’t have to tell anyone about the prayer and could merely revel in filling out.

So, no matter in who or what you may or may not believe, I have composed a prayer I think will do.

My tiny boobies** make me weep.
So as I lay me down to sleep,
Give me big ones in their stead,
So my prom I will not dread.

Obviously I am a prose writer.

Have you ever prayed for something you later thought was a little out there? Just put it in the comments box. No one ever reads this thing, it’ll be just between us.

**I really dislike this word, but I am a showoff and wanted more to write the poem than to avoid using certain wording. Ego you know.