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An Interview with Dean Koontz

As a librarian, hundreds–nay, thousands–of books cross my desk and, invariably some of them stay a while insteWisdom-Koonz01c-1[1]ad of immediately passing on to the shelves to which they are destined. One such was Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas and I have since read each one as they appear. Now, I’m not a horror fan, at least I don’t think so, and although Koontz’s work is generally categorized as such, the Odd Thomas books are something else. They hinted at something in a way I found intriguing. Then I discovered, quite by accident, that Koontz is a believer, a Christian. Wow! If THAT didn’t set me back on my heels! Hmmm. Lots to think about. Here’s a recent interview that asks some of the questions I’d like to ask him. Wish we could sit him down over a great meal and ask him some more!  Koontz Interview Click Here