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Nothing Catchy

just an admonition that you make this the year you get your affairs in order.

Demotivational Posters dot ORG

Make sure you have a will, at least write out how you want your family to … manage your remains, and make sure you gather all important documents someplace and then tell somebody!

If anything unfortunate happens to you in the coming year, don’t frustrate your loved ones to the point they’re glad you’re gone!

Take care–Susan Kaye


Is this going too far …

A Cranium Cuppa

from Paper Sparrow

I’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve. And feet of clay, but while I think it’s nice to have tea close at hand, I think this is too much.

I Am Shocked! I Say, I Say, Shocked!

Here are the results of the poll, What Should I Write Next?:

As you can see, 53% of you think that a prequel would be a good thing. That really shocked me. Knowing that the short courtship and engagement end so harshly, unless it is part of a larger, happier whole, would be depressing. Maybe a story of one of their children encountering romantic trouble and the now long-married couple bringing their considerable wisdom to bear on the situation would be a way to make it happen. The other surprise is the number of you wanting a possibly Americanized Contemporary. I have the beginning of one of those …

Anyway, as you can see, the most popular choice is the prequel.

Again, a great surprise to me!

Thinking about things.

Take care–Susan Kaye

I thought our Ms Hile would like this:

Professors Should Dress Like Professionals at Minding the Campus blog. Here’s a clip:

“American higher education appears troubled. Alleged evil-doers abound, but one culprit escapes unnoticed—the horrific sartorial habits of many of today’s professors. Don’t laugh. As Oscar Wilde brilliantly observed, only shallow people do not judge by appearances. (Or those trying to be painfully P. C. — SK) Indeed, I would argue that much of what plagues today’s academy can be traced to an almost total collapse of sartorial standards. When I began my professorial career in 1969 the tweed sport coat and tie was more or less standard. Today, with all too few exceptions, “academic casual,” even jeans and tee-shirts is de rigueur. This slide has not been kind to life of the mind.”

I know our own Laura Hile dresses in skirt and blouse every day just to put the fear of THE TEACHER in those darlin seventh graders down at the Southwest Readin’ and Writin’ Academy where she is employed as a wrangler of adolescent minds and hormones. I can’t see that it hurt a thing to require the adults to look like adults. I might just get the attention of the too-cool-to-be-real set in colleges everywhere.

It’s about professionalism. I know classrooms are run amok, but the only people who seem to take seriously their appearance, outside venues offering mating/dating opportunities, are salespeople doing cold calls. I once got a yearly check-up reminder from my gynecologist that had a smiley face next to HIS signature.

Think about, with all the shows about serial killers and murderous freaks out and about, do you think I am going to allow a man who signs his letters with a happy face anywhere near my lady parts? If you do, you would be wrong. Very, very wrong.

Anyway, enjoy the article.

And dress up a bit when you go out today. The rest of us will not notice, but you’ll feel better.

Take care–Susan Kaye


Tuesday, Tuesday

How do you like the new digs? We are still dithering about the left sidebar and what to do with the books. But, every rearrangement involves dithering, living with it, and dithering some more. We will eventually have things the way we like.

I’ve told you I am in serious like of a site called Pinterest, and I was browsing yesterday and found these:

coffee, laptopThis is from a site called notebookdoodles, a blog about graphic design and other “stuff.”  The picture is linked if you care to explore.

This other would be a wonderful Continue reading

The New Jane Austen?

I was messing about with some ideas for a new story. You know how it is when you’re just noodling around in your mind and one thing leads to another leads to another leads to another. I came to think about Jane Austen and how she was so truthful about the times and people of her time.

And then I got to thinking about who might be considered the 21st century’s Jane Austen.  Who today is giving us truthful characters, insight into modern relationships, and honest portrayals of our culture?

I think it’s Tyler Perry! If he wore a mob cap and ditched the glasses, he even looks a little like her!

Of course this is Tyler Perry portraying one of his characters, Madea but my idea still holds. And don’t let the fact that he’s a large Black man confuse the issue.  When it comes to exploring the myriad of ways human beings have to mess up their lives, I think Jane and Tyler–regardless of their times and cultures–see things very clearly.

Take care–Susan Kaye