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Time Makes Many Changes

Time brings changes regardless of how we feel. In my story, life has brought Anne and Frederick great changes and they have a struggle learning to accept them. However, I have the utmost faith in my favourite Austen couple, and show them to be a loving and resilient pair. I hope you enjoy this look into the Wentworth’s future.

Edward Wentworth’s smile was the most welcoming sight I could have glimpsed. Handing me down from the rented carriage, he said, “The occasion is not to my liking, but seeing you is a tonic, Mrs. Wentworth.” As he instructed the driver where he might park to wait, I studied the hospital. The building itself was grey and grim even in the bright March sunshine.  I could smell fear and death even outside of it. At first glance, the place seemed to be a haven for couples, as there were many of them strolling about the drive and a grassy patch along the side. Upon closer inspection it was obvious the men were injured sailors and the ladies with them were wives, mothers, sisters or other women relatives come to visit. Knowing there was more pain and suffering inside the building was daunting. Fortunately, my anger was enough to keep me bent on entering. Were I depending solely upon courage, I would have fled.

My brother-in-law joined me. “Well, I doubt anyone will bother him over there. As long as you stay out of the way of the swells, no one seems to care.” He took my arm and we began walking to the door. Up the front stairs, through the foyer, and up several flights of stairs he informed me of my husband’s condition.

As we moved through the building, the sights, sounds, and smells intensified. I endeavoured to close them out, but exhaustion and intense anger made this difficult.

Frederick and I had been separated for well over a year, and despite these harsh feelings, I could not deny the warm anticipation of seeing my husband. I kept moving in hopes my emotions would not overwhelm me completely.

We stopped at a landing on the sixth floor. Edward leant against a window frame and looked over a vast green field that adjoined the hospital’s grounds. “I would tell you I am resting, but that would be a lie. Though it is a fair climb, I grew quite used to it several months ago. I take the time to brace myself. He is still in a little pain, but not nearly like it was. It is Frederick’s manner we must prepare for.” He paused and thought considered what more he wished to say. He took a deep breath, opened his mouth, but then closed it and continued to stare at the countryside.

I understood he was trying to provoke sympathy towards my husband, but his endeavour was useless; when Frederick was injured in the line of duty, my dear husband had summoned his brother rather than me. For several months, Edward had been nursing his wounds and seeing to his other needs. Many months after the fact, it was explained to me that from the beginning Frederick thought I should be spared seeing him so desperately incapacitated. Such an explanation would be a noble sentiment, if I believed it.

Captain Frederick Wentworth has been a patient at the ____ Hospital for nearly five months. One might wonder how a man of prominence could be injured at sea, brought back to his home country, Continue reading


Persuasion Over the Years

Here’s a little gifty for Valentine’s Day.

From Persuasion Over the Years: “They settled before the fire on a pile of soft cushions. “I am grateful we can tell some of our story in public.”

“Yes, but not any more of it than we do, please.” Frederick lifted his glass slightly.

“Of course not. I am happy there is so much we must keep to ourselves.”

“Like the tiny lean-to at night.” He put aside his glass and kissed her neck.

She shifted and exposed more flesh. “So cozy. And swimming in the our tiny inlet.”

“Ah, yes. Visions of you swimming in that tattered shift are the stuff of dreams, my dear. And your tanned shoulders.” He moved down her neck to include her shoulder.”     Read the entire story ———>