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Half-priced chocolates and FREE reads!

Do not be downhearted concerning the passing of Single Awareness Day, gentle readers, for Laura Hile and I still have goodies for you!

Mercys - Admiral (15)

The first book in Laura’s very lovely Mercy’s Embrace series, So Rough a Course, is still FREE today, and the other two books in the series are $1.99 each. If you have yet to download this wonderful series of hope for thirty-something single women everywhere, run to Amazon and do it now!

AY promo

The first book in my Regency/Modern Time Swap romance, Accidentally Yours, Yours by Design, Book 1 will be FREE through tomorrow, and the rest of the series is priced at 99 cents each.

What could be better than Darcy? Well, two Darcys, of course!

Single Awareness DaySingle Awareness

So, my dears, treat yourself to half-priced chocolate while you read our gifts to you.




Writers write to explore the world. Most of the time, those stories include love. All sorts of love.

We want to wish our readers a happy Valentine’s Day. Whether the love of your life is romantic or not, treasure it while you can.

Barbara, Gayle, Laura, Pamela, Robin, and Susan 

To Our Readers

The proclamations of love on Valentine’s Day are usually romantic. Though, these days were are required to consider those who are not entangled as such. I’m an agnostic when it comes to Valentine’s Day. My husband has already bought me flowers, and gave me a great, very kitchy card last night. I am still befuddled that he even puts up with me.

So, considering my ambivalence towards the day, and that I am chronically ill-prepped these days, here’s a token of our appreciation:


Thank you for the time and attention you so graciously give us. It’s more than we deserve.