Marrying Well for Fun and Profit

NEWSFLASH! This series will be released in e-book format for summer, 2016. Huzzah! Sir Walter (and Mary too) will be hitting the big time…


Marrying into wealth and privilege—thus improving the family gene pool—is not as easy as it appears.

Persuasion’s Sir Walter Elliot has graciously consented to share advice with the less fortunate.

That would be us.

Come sit at the feet of the one who was Born to be Seen. Here are the topics Sir Walter has covered:

Self Assurance
Church Attendance
Humble Brag
Author Bother
The Fortune Hunter
Jane Quotage
Gym Dropping
Sir Walter, NaNoWriMo Plot Doctor
The Fauxpology
Buffet Momentum?
Holiday Houseguesting
The Manolescent
On Marriage
Glamour Gowns
Nerd Flirtation
William Elliot on Managing the Marriage of Convenience
Post-Valentine Damage Control
Riding to Hounds?
Birthday Mine
Useful Irish Wit
Spring Fever
Beached Whale?
Haters Gonna Hate
But is he Mr Right?
His Mumsie Dearest
Your Mirror, Your Friend
Bridesmaids, meet the Medical Spa
Chocolate, the Inexpensive Therapist?
Pleasing Garden Statuary
How to Work a Cruise
Cyber Dating

“Some people like my advice so much that they frame it upon the wall instead of using it.”
Gordon R. Dickson (1923-2001)

“Advice is seldom welcome, and those who need it the most, like it the least.”
Lord Chesterfield

“Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there are no sweeter words than ‘I told you so.’”

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