Captain Wentworth’s Guide to Romance and Travel: Lyme Regis

Romance_Travel_CoverLouisa Musgrove approaches her father with a simple scheme: allow his carriage to be taken for an overnight outing to Lyme Regis, a sea-side village seventeen miles from home. With supreme confidence in the rightness of her cause, she awaits his consent. When he refuses, citing bad weather, she is determined to overcome his objections. After she is sent to her room for being disrespectful, Charles Musgrove takes up the cause, only he is smart enough to find other means of transportation.

In this Persuasion Alteration, only Charles and Mary, and Frederick and Anne go to Lyme. There is no Louisa to fall from the Cobb, but there is a more charming Mr Elliot with which to contend. Anne Elliot still shows her superiority when called upon. The only questions is: will Frederick Wentworth see it and act this time?

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