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Darcy By Any Other Name makes Anna’s Top 10

Gotta love our man Darcy.

Here he goes again, in his own endearing way, capturing hearts and keeping those pages a-turning.

This time he’s won an award for his role in my fun body-swap romance.

A sincere, and very surprised “Thank You” to Anna of Diary of an Eccentric for including Darcy By Any Other Name in her Top 10 list.

These blogger’s lists are so great — the best way to find some really good reads. Take a look!

My Top 10 Favorite Books of 2017


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End-of-year Pricing

Wintry weather, a bright fireside, and good reading!

Titles by your friends at Jane Started It

What could be better?

For your quiet holiday moments, may we suggest these lovely books? Many are at holiday prices through the end of the year.

The day I wore Pajama Pants to Walmart

Thanks to Marianne Hawthorne for this fun meme

Thanks to Marianne Hawthorne for the meme. Click the image to see her Pinterest collection.

When snow and freezing rain hit the Pacific Northwest, we kind of lose our minds.

Hunker down!
The end is near!

Okay, so we’re not quite that bad. Thing is, we get snow every two to three years in this part of Oregon. It really throws us for a loop.

I ought to add that we do not salt our roads. That’s right; we’re the only state that doesn’t. And I recently learned that the de-icing chemicals we use are not effective when temperatures drop below 28 degrees. Brilliant.

No salt, no plow, no problem. I live on the corner.

No salt, no snow plow? No … uh … problem.

We are all kinds of crazy, yeah.

Which brings me to Walmart, early Saturday morning, just as a snowstorm hit.  The day I wore my jammie pants to go shopping. I did.

The’re black, and they used to be workout pants, but the thing is, I slept in them the night before. I threw on my long down coat (also black), a somewhat-fashionable scarf, and shoes. I was good to go.

walmart-pajamaSo now I am one of the “People of Walmart.” Even though ours is the neighborhood grocery store kind. And everyone there, though harried by the falling snow, was fully dressed. Below-freezing temperatures are helpful that way.

Darcy-By-Any-Other-Name-blogsz-2In other news, a sale and an e-book giveaway.  Tomorrow check out Anna’s review at Diary of an Eccentric and enter to win the Kindle edition of Darcy By Any Other Name. Even if you own this book, you should enter. If you win, I’ll gladly send the prize to one of your friends.

To celebrate, I’ve reduced the Kindle price by $1.00. Because ice and snow season is reading season, right? So let’s get down to business.

Laura Hile (1)

Darcy’s Cyber Sale

darcy-cyber-sale-1Now that I’m an indie publisher, I get to sell stuff on Black Friday. Hey, and on Cyber Monday too.

Because the dates are mine to choose, why not run the sale for the entire week? So that’s what I’m doing. Yay!

Now through Tuesday, November 29th, the Kindle edition of Darcy By Any Other Name is only $2.99. That’s 660 pages of escape-from-reality fun.

Did you know that you can gift an e-book for Christmas delivery? That’s right. Buy now while the price is right, and set the delivery for whenever you’d like. Gift shopping made easy!

Laura Hile (1)

Darcy hops into the Kindle Unlimited pool

Now in Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is a win-win for authors and readers.

Darcy By Any Other Name celebrates its three-month anniversary soon, so I decided to enroll it in Kindle Unlimited. Such a deal for the borrowing reader! All the Kindle e-books one’s heart could desire for just $9.99 per month.

It’s been three days, and I’m blown away by the response. Just this morning, almost 5,000 pages have been read. I’m excited to see Kindle Unlimited introduce Darcy to a wider reading audience. What’s not to love about a fun body swap?

The blue line goes up and up.

Kindle Unlimited readers are loving Darcy. That pages-read line is a- climbing today. And it’s only 11:00 a.m.

And check this out: Austenesque Reviews is giving away a Darcy e-book this week. It’s easy to enter. Follow this link, enjoy Meredith’s review, and leave a comment.

There are more Darcy giveaways scheduled, so stay tuned. Next up, Janet Taylor’s More Agreeably Engaged blog.  I’m loving the chance to meet so many new readers.

Did I mention that Darcy By Any Other Name is ON SALE?  Another reason to celebrate. Through August 10th, the Kindle edition is $3.99.

Read Meredith's review. Enter the giveaway

Read Meredith’s review. Enter the giveaway. Or if you can’t wait to get started, take advantage of the sale.

And that’s not all. Look for the Mercy’s Embrace trilogy to get new covers–and a new, swoon-worthy ending too. Hooray! I’m gunning for an October re-release celebration, just in time for rainy day reading. Tell you what, I’ve got my work cut out for the rest of the summer.

Exciting times, absorbing reading. That’s the latest book news from me.


Laura Hile (1)

Calling All Cats!

Moose, a captive promoter

“Really?  You woke me up for this?” says Moose

Part of the book-selling game is keeping that title in front of readers. But after a while the “Buy My Book!” thing becomes awkward and annoying. So I look for ways to circumvent that.

Ha, I shamelessly use cats. You know, for #CatsOfTwitter and #Caturday? What’s not to love about a furry purry? Besides, everybody knows that cats rule the Internet.

Domino's not sure about my "photoshop" skills

“Book? What book? I don’t see any book,” says Domino

If you have a cat, I have a book to pose him with. That’s what happened when I went to my friend’s house for breakfast yesterday. Her sweet Moose was drafted into the book selling biz, and so was his sidekick, Lyric.

If no cat is handy, I can always patch in a book later. Here I make use of poor Domino, my “grand cat.” He doesn’t look impressed with my questionable “photoshop” skills.

Twitter is all about what’s happening “right now,” so I’m able to try stuff. You know, just to see what works. I’m not sure Domino’s hypnotic powers are all that great…

Tongue-in-cheek attempt

What was I thinking? This one didn’t get any retweets.

Lyric gives his all.

“But-but I don’t even know how to read!” says Lyric. “I’m so little, and that book is so big.”


Even better than the cat photo is a Giveaway. In theory, I’ll have a nice series of posts to share, putting the cover image out there without begging for a sale. I must say, though, last week’s Amazon Giveaway kind of backfired. Within 19 hours all five ebooks were claimed!

Speaking of Giveaways, there one going on right now at Clean Indie Reads. If you’d like a chance to win a print book (signed by yours truly), jump in. The odds are much better than the Amazon one!  And who doesn’t love turning real pages? Here’s the link.

To enter, click on the photo and fill out the form. Easy!

To enter, click on the photo and fill out the form. Easy!

Oh, and tomorrow I have my first paid promotion ever, a spot on The Fussy Librarian‘s email list. It’s my attempt to “catapult” Darcy By Any Other Name beyond the Austen fiction genre and into the wide world–without using cats! (sorry)

Off you go, sir! There are plenty of eager readers waiting.

Laura Hile (1)

And the winners are …

darcywoodDarcywood2Greetings from SoCal. Yeah, so that’s slang for Southern California.

I, like, totally grew up here, back in the day when “SoCal” wasn’t a thing–not even. Neither was “Cali,” but don’t get me started on that. I’m here for a week visiting family.

It’s time to “get real” with the giveaway. Drumroll…

Using unscientific methods–names on strips of paper tossed into my fabric laptop case –my mom eagerly drew out two winners for the Kindle edition of Darcy By Any Other Name.

Aaaand… congratulations to anadarcy and Margie Bayer !!  Since Darcy is the perfect beach read, I’ll toss in a “totally cool” and “tubular” and even a “radical to the max.”

darcywood320160614_105520Anadarcy and Margie, contact me with your email address: Laura (AT) Laurahile.com.

Happy Reading!