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And the eBook winner is … Jen Red!

Cat looking on as names are ready to go into the hat …

Congratulations, Jen Red!

Jennifer, Redlarczyk, you are the winner of our Friday the 13th Darcy By Any Other Name giveaway!

Happy Dance!

Contact me on FB messenger with your email — or your friend’s — and I will send the eBook right out.

Happy Reading ahead, that’s for sure!

Thanks to everyone who entered.




“Friday the 13th” eBook Giveaway

Friday the 13th.

Tradition tells us it’s a “freaky” day, when bad things can easily happen.

According to Disney, even a body swap!

Let’s bring on some good luck for a change. Like an eBook giveaway.

That’s right. I’m offering Darcy By Any Other Name — my lighthearted Darcy-Collins body swap — to one lucky winner.

This giveaway is limited to USA residents only. To enter, leave a comment here before midnight, Friday, April 13, 2018. I’ll draw names out of a hat and will announce the winner on April 14th.

Me, unlucky?  But I’m so cute and fluffy!

Do you already own a copy? Enter anyway! If you win, I’ll be happy to send the prize to a friend of your choosing.

Here’s my question for you. Which “Friday the 13th” superstition creeps you out the most? 

  • black cats crossing your path
  • don’t walk under that ladder
  • bad luck comes in threes
  • don’t break the mirror
  • beware of those sidewalk cracks
  • don’t spill the salt
  • no umbrellas inside

Or perhaps you have another bad luck tale? Do tell!

Lia London and her daughter made this fun Freaky Friday Darcy review.


The Mercy’s Embrace series is now complete

Suspense, laughter, and love are waiting for you. And a handsome admiral too …

It’s Launch Day for The Lady Must Decide, the third and final installment in the Mercy’s Embrace trilogy.

And, hooray! Claudine has an eBook giveaway going on.

Stop by, read her review at Just Jane 1813, and if you’d like to enter, post a comment. Prize will be winner’s choice — any one of the three Mercy’s Embrace eBooks.

You can see some of the cover in this banner — so beautiful! so worth it! — but you can get an even better look at Just Jane 1813.

Do remember, this is a novel in three parts. They are not stand-alone books; once begun, you will need to read all of them for the complete story.

Ah, but Kindle Unlimited has been designed especially for series addicts. So there you are.

Here is the purchase link at Amazon — where you can also see the cover. But at Claudine’s, you get to maybe win an eBook.  Choices, choices …

Thanks for stopping by and celebrating with me.

*Big, big sigh of relief*


This was also posted at Laura Hile: Faith, Hope, Laughter … and Happily Ever After

Darcy By Any Other Name GIVEAWAY

“Pride and Prejudice Meets Freaky Friday.” This headline–thank you, Chautona Havig!— tells you quite a bit about my new release, a fun body swap romance.

The Pride & Prejudice body swap romance that has everyone talking

The Pride & Prejudice body swap romance that has readers talking. Yes, that’s Mr. Collins on the cover.

And the buzz about Darcy By Any Other Name is spreading. It’s not because of advertisements–my budget for that is almost nil. No, people are hearing about this book because of YOU, my generous social media friends.  I am so very grateful for your likes and tweets and shares.

I’ve always said that I write for the thinking reader, but my goodness. Those articulate reviews at Amazon! Who knew that so many people share my subtle and quirky sense of humor? And believe, along with me, that true love also involves a meeting of the minds?

So now it’s time to give back–with a GIVEAWAY. I am offering one Darcy By Any Other Name ebook to two (2) lucky winners.

Entering is easy. Simply comment to this post by midnight, June 13, 2016.

It kind of has to be the 13th because of the book’s release date. Yeah, Friday, May 13, 2016. Otherwise known as “Freaky Friday.” I’m still smiling about that.

The print edition "selfie" ... all 662 pages.

Print edition “selfie,” 662 pages

If you’d like to check out the first five chapters (via Look Inside), here is the link to Amazon.  Speaking of Amazon…

The print edition of Darcy went live last night. Lo and behold, most of  the features are linked up and running.  It’s in Amazon’s match program, meaning that when you purchase the print book, you get the Kindle edition free.

About the price? Yeah, that. This is a BIG book, so think of it like a collector’s edition. Useful for readerly escape from the stress of workaday life … and also for clonking burglars!

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