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Writing Revolution

Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

I’m in the very final stage of publishing my newest book, Understanding Elizabeth. Because it’s my seventh indie publishing effort, some steps are easier for me, but others have become more complicated.


My earliest writing (the Guardian Trilogy) consisted of outlining the basic plot, writing the chapters, sending my work to my betas, taking their corrections, posting on Beyond Austen (as well as Derbyshire Writer’s Guild, Darcy & Lizzy, Fanfiction, and Austen Underground), formatting, one final edit, and publishing.

I now understand that it is much easier to format as I write, so that isn’t the huge headache it used to be, but I have become much pickier (real word?) about my writing.

I rushed to publish my first six books, but with this latest one, I have taken six months between completing the writing of the story and publishing it. In addition to all the steps listed above (minus posting on all those forums except Beyond Austen), I have gone through six edits and rewrites. I finished the final rewrite yesterday, and I’m nearly ready to release my child to make her way in the world.

Today, I hope to put the book in the print template so I’ll have a page count for the cover designer. I also want to finish the formatting of the ebook version and send it to my very talented friend, author Wendi Sotis. She’s a wizard at all things tech, and she has the final look at my formatting.

With a little luck, I may publish the ebook Saturday. 

Exciting times!



I can’t believe I’m doing this …

For the past two weeks I have been working to renovate a friend’s  rental house.  This is no small task!  Every day after school  (and weekends) I have been scrubbing grime from kitchen cabinets, washing walls and woodwork, sanding, and painting.  The previous tenants lived in this house for eight years, and the dirt seems never-ending.  I make precious discoveries every day!  

The most wearing task is having to repair amateur work done by previous residents.  Hooks and nails show up in the oddest places, along with stickers.  (Am I missing something?  Are banana stickers a key element in home decor?)  But it’s the paint splotches on the woodwork in various colors that are the most irksome.  (Did the painters even care? Did they paint with the lights out?)  When this house was built, wood was plentiful and cheap here in Oregon.  My friend would like to have the woodwork restored (instead of painted over) to preserve the original charm of the house.   So, although it would be easier to haul out the paint gun, I scrape and sand and apply stain …

At the same time I have, rather fearfully,  launched in to editing Love Suffers Long and is Kind  for publication as a series of inexpensive ebooks.  This is something I thought I’d never do.  However, if I’m to build a career as a professional writer, I must produce books!  Love Suffers Long is the five-volume Austen “what-if”  I wrote and posted, chapter by chapter, with Susan Kaye almost eleven years ago.  It represents my very first work as a fiction writer.  What I have learned about writing since then is a lot! 


Of course, by now you can see where I’m going with this.  Like the splotched woodwork in my friend’s rental, amateur work abounds.  But underneath are the bones of a wonderful — and we’re told, quite addictive — story.   How do Susan Kaye and I correct the obvious mistakes without destroying the original charm?   The temptation is to haul out the paint gun and start spraying!  Instead I scrape and sand and apply stain …

Susan Kaye and I will be chronicling our editing journey here.  Come along with us as we strain toward our July 4th release date.


Laura Hile