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Half-priced chocolates and FREE reads!

Do not be downhearted concerning the passing of Single Awareness Day, gentle readers, for Laura Hile and I still have goodies for you!

Mercys - Admiral (15)

The first book in Laura’s very lovely Mercy’s Embrace series, So Rough a Course, is still FREE today, and the other two books in the series are $1.99 each. If you have yet to download this wonderful series of hope for thirty-something single women everywhere, run to Amazon and do it now!

AY promo

The first book in my Regency/Modern Time Swap romance, Accidentally Yours, Yours by Design, Book 1 will be FREE through tomorrow, and the rest of the series is priced at 99 cents each.

What could be better than Darcy? Well, two Darcys, of course!

Single Awareness DaySingle Awareness

So, my dears, treat yourself to half-priced chocolate while you read our gifts to you.


A perfect Christmas present for Mrs. Bennet or Sir Walter Elliot . . .

It’s about that time of year. Halloween is almost here, so you know what that means. In the next couple of weeks we’ll hear Christmas music in the stores and begin to see ads urging us to buy the perfect Christmas present to prove how much we love those special people in our lives.

The Japan Daily Press has the answer for you, my friends – a wallet which can run away from you and scream if you catch it. Buy this gift for the spendthrift in your life and help them to control their out-of-control consumerism.

This wallet is slower than a dead possum. Even I could catch it.

This wallet is slower than a dead possum. Even I could catch it.

Of course, if you buy it for yourself first, you may not go Christmas shopping at all.

Sir Walter Elliot and his daughters

Sir Walter Elliot
and his daughters

When you catch the runaway wallet, it screams, “Don’t touch me!” or “Help me!” It will even e-mail your mother, letting her know that she needs to intervene. Good luck with that in my case. AT&T and Verizon don’t get reception in heaven.

You can shut the wallet up and stop it in its tracks by switching it from “Save Mode” to “Consume Mode,” or perhaps you could just change modes on yourself instead.

I can’t help but think that Sir Walter and Elizabeth Elliot, Mary Musgrove, Mrs. Bennet, and Lydia would have greatly benefited from such gift, for reforming them was out of the question.

The Lady Must Decide

Volume 3 of the Mercy’s Embrace series is working it’s way through the fine grind of the publishing mill and will be ready very soon. (In fact, you can go HERE to preorder.) If you’ve not read the earlier volumes, here’s a great review by Meredith Esparza of Austenesque Reviews to whet your appetite.

Take care–Susan Kaye

Learn more about …

Laura Hile. Jane Greensmith interviews Laura on her Reading, Writing, Working, Playing blog. You can also win a copy of So Lively A Chase for leaving a comment.

Let the unmasking begin!

Take care–Susan Kaye

Mercy’s Embrace 3

Time to do the happy dance! Mercy’s Embrace 3: The Lady Must Decide is off to the publisher at last! I tell you what, this is a tremendous relief! Now I have the freedom to, like, die or something!! Okay, so I’m kidding–there is always the sequel to write, you know? But that’s the thing about series books. One must finish them all or risk disappointing a boatload of readers. (This would include my mother, your best advocate!) The book will be available for purchase this spring.

[Update! Here is an image of the new cover I was able to scan. Eh, the top is cut off–my bad!–but you get the idea. I hope to post a better image, sent from the Wytherngate Press, soon.]

To those of you followed the online version of Mercy’s Embrace (no longer available, alas), be advised that the ending is completely new. Never a dull moment for our girl Elizabeth! And I trust the same will be true for you as you read along!


Laura Hile