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Not so bad after all


We were watching Storage Wars the other day. Lots of odd topics come up in the course of a show like that.

MOM: You just know that one smells to high heaven.

ME: Yeah, it was the last load and everything got chucked in in a hurry. And then mice got into everything.

You  know that smell, the scent of human sadness.


There was supposed to be a graphic of a storage unit spilling out its pitiable contents and the last line was supposed to be the pithy end of this post.

The VAST majority of photos available are either rusted scrape metal and outdoor junk, or tidy units that don’t serve my purpose at all. *sigh* Maybe the human race isn’t as sad as I thought!

Here’s nice summer pic instead:

Have a good one, people!


We’ve had the wildest winter I can remember. In Portland, Oregon, the winters are usually drippy and overcast. However, this year’s winter has been cold and snowy. It has produced some great photographs.


This is a photograph of crows sitting in snowy trees in downtown Portland, Oregon. The photograph was taken by C.S.I. Walker Berg of the Portland Oregon Police Bureau. This was his view from the Justice Center’s 12th floor.  Portland has enough of a crow problem that they have begun to employ falconers to move block-by-block, hunting the black birds.

It looks like the crows are settled in for the night, though and any hawks will just have to wait for morning.

The police department shared the image dubbed “Crows on Snow” on Facebook and Twitter where it quickly went viral.

My first thought was “Wow,” and then I thought:


From the sublime to the ridiculous in one easy jump.

The Exact Science of Life


There were problems with everything swimming at the Rio Olympics. Swimmers aside, after a week of green water, spokesman Mario Andrada said: “We have learnt that chemistry is not an exact science.”

Now that’s funny.

Apparently, telling the truth is a bit mercurial as well.




I guess this is now a full-fledged life choice.

What Happens When Two Bad Habits Collide

Courtesy Avenue G, Flickrr, Creative Commons

Courtesy Avenue G, Flickr, Creative Commons

I am sitting around waiting for a new debit card. By the title of this post, you might think I had a great calamity befall me. Nah, nothing that exciting. Come to think, my problem came about not by way of two bad habits. I think it was more What Happens When a Character Flaw and a Bad Memory Join Forces. That doesn’t trip off the tongue so I went in another direction.

Here’s what happened: in May, I ordered a mattress cover. A puffy mattress cover that would change my life according to the host of the HSN show. It was on sale for a good price, but since I am loathe to spend more than ten dollars at a time, I ordered it using their free Flex Pay option.  I could have paid the full price but the full cost gave me the willies. I got the cover immediately, put it on the bed and forgot about the arrangement.

Until last Wednesday. I saw the charge for $20 and just KNEW i hadn’t ordered anything from HSN recently. I called my credit union. The customer service agent looked through my account and found ANOTHER charge from HSN in July. Quelle suprise! Our conclusion was that my account had been  COMPROMISED. (Yes, I felt unclean.) The CU decided to issue me a new card.

I went to HSN and found that Wednesdays’ payment, I had paid off my mattress cover and was encouraged to buy more stuff.

In my defense, starting in June, I coordinated the move of my mother from North Idaho, and have been getting used to another adult in the house. My ability to keep track of even the most mundane chores and obligations has been compromised.

No, I didn’t call the credit union and fess up. I am waiting for the new card and dreading trying to remember a new PIN while forgetting the old one–the one I’ve had for nearly six years.

Resolved: No Flex Pays. From now on, I will be writing down everything.

Thanks for listening. Now I’m off to change Mom’s auto-pay accounts for Direct TV and Verizon. Those people play rough and will do more than make me learn a new PIN.

LIfe Imitates Tech

im-a-good-puppy_o_1168916This morning I got on Facebook and read a post about cats and a Roomba. How someone piled their car into a ditch on a dark country road last night. Impairment has not been ruled out. There was a lot about the Democratic Convention I skimmed over. And I enjoyed several memes people put up cataloging their astonishment at making it through another Monday without committing a felony. The usual.

Then a post came up about a priest being beheaded in France. I didn’t click the link. The next post was an ad for Amazon’s Deal of the Day. I didn’t click that link either. I figured nothing Amazon cut the price on could match loss of life.

Cats, car wrecks, conventions, death, deals.

This is our life on tech.


Into the Wild

into-the-wildInto the Wild was a novel about a young man who went to Alaska to live off the land and wound up dying.

My hope is for better things. We’re not going to Alaska, though my husband would love that, but to Idaho where we will finish packing up my mom’s belongings and bring them back to my house. I am praying for minimal confusion.

Long distance moves are bad enough, but when everything has to be done by phone and email, it moves into another realm.

By next week at this time, it will all be over.

Fingers crossed.

An Observation



Mum old man taps bell.
Barely a sound calls help.
Mumness surrounds him.



We are to blog as writers so that we have a platform. We create a platform so that people find us and read our books. They read our books, we make a living, and the cycle continues.

Except when you hit days like today.

The above lame haiku came about because I was going to describe a trip to the store last week. Down and dirty: Dollar Store. Checkers restocking, checkout empty. Bell on belt for service. Older man gets there before me. I ask him to ring. Startle him. Tiny voice says, okay. His ring is as tiny as his voice. Checker comes and all’s well that ends well.

I was going to observe that people resemble their noticeable traits. He was small, stooped, took up little space. His voice was tiny. His ring of the bell was light, barely noticeable.

Writing that was taking up too much time because I’m a wordy old blowhard. I searched for a picture of an older man to go with the  post so I could shorten it. Couldn’t find a pic of a frail old man so chose to go with a writing prompt of a weird pic I DID find.

Nothing worth reading.

Wrote the above, lame haiku to post. Found a pic of a desk bell to go with lame haiku above.

That took nearly two hours.

Thank the Lord I wrote earlier today and got something real accomplished.

Unless reading this, and seeing that other people have to wade through useless effort,  helps you. Then it’s not a waste. <smile>

However this day shakes out, Happy Tuesday!